Walt Disney and Ernest Hemingway lived parallel lives before fame, but never met. What if they had, and how did they end up so differently? Catch a glimpse of the artists when they were still just young men, discussing their differences at a Chicago bar during October 1919. Read this short story for free here, then post a review on Amazon at the link above.


Robert Picot wakes up the morning after Hurricane Katrina passes and finds his wife-to-be laying dead on the bed next to him in their flooded home.

He embarks on a mission to give her an appropriate burial, a mission which leads him on a raft made out of a door through the flooded city, down a stretch of deserted interstate with uncertain company, and towards the Superdome in search of his estranged father. During his journey he carries the memories of his dead fiancé with him, ruminates on their time together, and tries to glean lessons from the life of a woman he was with but didn’t deserve.

Everything leads him on a road out of the city, to his only remaining family, and maybe, in an explosive ending inspired by actual events, to redemption.


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