A series of short films I collaborated with director Michael Sugrue on. If you click the title and read the scripts for one of these, you’ll see a good example of the changes that occur during production. They were made with skeleton crews in the most literal sense of the word–sometimes just Mike and the people in front of the camera.






I’ve written half a dozen feature-length screenplays, including a couple that were not completely awful. If you’d like to read one of them, shoot me an e-mail.


After receiving a startling revelation at her mother’s deathbed, an aimless young Norcal woman embarks on a cross-state journey with her new fiance to give money from a decades-old bank robbery her father pulled to the lone victim’s family. In development.

From the Black List:

“This is a script that never lets up; it constantly plows through the consequences of every action, raising the dramatic tension and emotional stakes at every level. At its core, it fulfills the philosophical question regarding the literal sins of the father, the emotional stakes of grief and guilt, and the actual physical stakes of Logan’s quest to make things right. And in the end she falls short, and the script does a fantastic job of letting the reader and the audience know that that’s okay – not every ending is a happy one, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t satisfactory. The best dramatic scripts pull the reader so far into the world that the end-game leaves them feeling like they’ve lost a piece of themselves – the emotional resonance of the script does just that.

This script will sell and it will appeal to fans of any sort of intense family drama. It can be shot on a minimum budget and every single part is full of very emotional moments that will call out to any actor. It is tight and focussed and full of dramatic intensity in the vein of CLOSER or GLENGARY GLENROSS.”

EAST OF L.A. (2013 Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist)

After almost dying in a 7-Eleven stick-up, a restless young Angelino finds an unlikely new life in a North Dakota boom town. When a local is murdered in a dispute over drilling rights, he is coerced into silence and left to choose between the life they made possible and the one he’s been running from.